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Freestyle Sessions

Freestyle Sessions allow more serious figure skaters a chance to practice their individual skating programs to music and to elevate their skills with advanced moves, such as spins and jumps. Skaters may advance to Freestyle once they are working on Basic 5 of the Learn to Skate USA curriculum, taught through the Group Lesson program.

Please refer to the Freestyle Ice Etiquette guidelines for the requirements and expectations for Freestyle Sessions.

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Freestyle Etiquette Guidelines

Freestyle Sessions are reserved for figure skaters only. The restrictions imposed on these Sessions are for safety and training reasons. Many Lesson Programs offered by Snoopy's Home Ice (such as Group Lessons, Drop-In Lessons, and Coffee Club) provide the necessary time and instruction to help beginning skaters bridge to higher figure skating levels.

The following requirements must be met before a skater may participate and skate Freestyle Sessions:

  1. The skater must own his or her own pair of figure skates. Rental skates are not allowed.
  2. The skater must have completed lessons in stroking, edge control, and basic spins and jumps. This level of skating is comparable to passing Basic 5 in the Group Lesson Program.
  3. The skater must be approved by a Snoopy's Home Ice Coach.

If you are able to meet or exceed the requirements listed above, and you are interested in skating Freestyle Sessions, please read the following policies. The skater is required to understand and agree to these policies.

Lack of compliance to the following policies shall result in the removal of the skater from the ice. In the event of such action, there will be no refund or credit for lost Freestyle Sessions.

  • Skaters are required to check in and pay at the Arena Box Office before stepping on the ice.
  • Food and/or drinks are not permitted on the ice, with the exception of non-glass water bottles.
  • It is the responsibility of all skaters to keep the ice arena clean. Remove all belongings (tissue, water bottles, gloves, sweaters, etc.) before leaving the ice.
  • There is no stopping or standing on the ice, except against the railing. This includes stopping to speak with people off the ice on the other side of the railing. You may leave the ice to talk with another skater or spectator.
  • Parents are restricted to the orange seating or Warm Puppy Cafe at all times. Any parent observed instructing a skater (including using gestures from the orange seating or Warm Puppy Cafe) will result in the removal of that parent and skater from the ice arena. There will be no refund or credit for unused Freestyle Sessions.
  • Earphones and other electronic devises are prohibited on the ice for safety.
  • Music will be played on a rotational basis. Programs will be played once per session, if the session is full. All programs will be played all the way through. There will be no stopping or starting for any reason, if other skaters are waiting.
  • During a lesson, Coaches have the right to cut into the music line-up.
  • The skater skating his or her program has the right of way. The skater must wear the designated belt so that other skaters will recognize the skater doing his or her program. When a skater is skating their program, they may say “program” if another skater is in their way. Any other language in this situation is unacceptable.
  • All corners of the arena are considered to be the Lutz zones. There is no spinning or practicing of crossovers in those areas, with the exception of a skater skating his/her program. Keep all spins to the center of the ice.
  • Kicking the ice, kicking the boards, shouting, foul language, or arguing with other skaters or Coaches is not tolerated.
  • Skaters will promptly leave the ice when the Zamboni driver honks the horn.
  • Take personal pride in the way that you look at the rink. Please obtain proper skating attire such as a sweater, gloves, and tights. Do not wear jeans, baggy sweatshirts, or sweatpants. These items make it very difficult to see correct body lines and positions.