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Group Lesson Policies

To ensure a positive Group Lesson experience, we offer the following information and guidelines:

  • REGISTRATION POLICY BEGINNING JANUARY 2018: We no longer accept registrations in Week One of Group Lessons.  All registrations must be received by the registration deadline specified.
  • We do not maintain wait lists for Tracks, Levels, or Lesson times reaching maximum capacity.
  • Class sizes vary across Tracks. For safety, we keep our Snowplow Sam classes to a 1:6 Instructor-to-skater ratio. Other Tracks (i.e. Basics, Hockey, Adult, etc.) may have up to 12 skaters in one class.
  • Lessons cannot be pro-rated.
  • We do not provide make-up Lessons for Lessons missed.  In lieu of make-ups, each Group Lesson skater will receive an exclusive Practice Pass in Week Two of Lessons.
  • Once you have registered for a specific Lesson day/time, you may not switch Lesson days/times, unless you have prior authorization from the Learning Programs Manager. We offer different Tracks each Lesson day/time and our Instructors are not teaching the same Tracks or Levels each Lesson day/time.
  • Skaters should be warmly but comfortably-dressed in layers.  Athletic or cotton, stretchy material is best and gloves or mittens and a helmet are recommended.
  • Arrive on-time to ensure skates are properly fitted and laced all the way to the top. Depending on the Track for which a skater is registered, figure skates or hockey skates are recommended over comfort skates. Figure skates and hockey skates provide better support.
  • Change in and out of skates at the benches inside the Arena only, not in the Lobby or the Warm Puppy Café.
  • We ask all parents or guardians to sit in the bleachers or in the Warm Puppy Café during Lessons. Once your skater is safely on the ice, please enjoy viewing Lessons from one of these locations. Spectators at the railing are a distraction for skaters and Instructors and skaters are entitled to learn in a safe, quiet, organized, and structured setting.
  • Full refunds are accepted through the end of Week Two of Lessons. Otherwise, refunds are only issued when a skater has incurred an injury or illness.