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Information for guests with disabilities



Snoopy's Home Ice welcomes patrons of all abilities and those who require the use of service animals.  The parking lot includes designated spaces for vehicles displaying the disabled person placard or license plate and van-accessible spots are adjacent to the main path and ramp for access to the facility.   


Wheelchair Use
Snoopy's Home Ice does not offer wheelchair-only sessions, but patrons in wheelchairs are welcome to join any public skating session.  For the safety of all skaters, wheelchair users must always be accompanied by an escort while on the ice.  The safety and comfort of all skaters is our primary concern so wheelchair use may be curtailed on any session at the discretion of the on duty shift manager.


Service Animals
Service animals may accompany guests into the Arena and Gift Shop and guests should comply with local ordinances regarding leash laws.  The service animal is not required to wear an identifying harness or special collar, but we may ask if the animal is a service animal or what tasks the animal has been trained to perform. You may not be refused service because you are accompanied by your service animal.  If your animal poses a direct threat to the health or safety of other people, you will be asked to remove your animal from the facility.  Snoopy's Home Ice and the Schulz family support the work of Canine Companions for Independence who provide highly-trained assistance dogs for children and adults with disabilities from their campus in Santa Rosa.

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Snoopy's Skating School offers an Adaptive Skating track and Special Olympics track on Tuesdays 3:45-4:15pm.

Adaptive Skating Program

The Adaptive Skating Program is designed to guide skaters with physical disabilities to develop skating skills. The program encourages skaters to begin and continue to develop skating skills progressively with the intention of maintaining recreational participation and competitive development. Skaters completing the Adaptive Skating curriculum may complete skills assisted or unassisted. The term “assisted” refers to the skater performing skills with the aid of another person. If skaters use an assistive device without a person, they are unassisted Personal Goal Badge: Accomplished by setting and achieving a personal goal that is a personal challenge for the skater.

Special Olympics Sports

The Special Olympics Sports Skills Program is designed for people with intellectual disabilities who may exhibit any number of physical impairments. The Special Olympics Figure Skating Badge Program allows athletes to learn skills in a progressive order and earn badges at each level. Athletes who complete the Special Olympics Badge Program will be prepared to move into the existing badge program at local rinks.


Learn more about our general sessions, upcoming Learn To Skate programs, professional shows, club events, hockey tournaments, and so much more! 

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