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Over the years many stars have visited Snoopy's Home Ice and some of them have left their mark... literally! Please enjoy our free mobile app tour of the concrete signatures around the campus signed by such celebrities as Peggy Fleming-Jenkins, Billie Jean King, Tony Hawk and more! 



In 1976, before he ever dreamed of having a star in Hollywood, Schulz started his own Walk of Fame at the Redwood Empire Ice Arena, inviting stars of the figure skating and sports worlds to sign and date concrete bricks when they visited his arena. The concrete signatures are adjacent to planters around the arena plaza and in front of the Gift Shop.

You will see the following celebrity signatures:

• Figure skating stars, Olympians, world-class coaches who brought figure skating training camps to the arena, and the training camp attendees who would go on to Olympic and world championships.

• Sports notables from tennis, hockey, inline skating, skateboarding, biking, and more.



Many of the figure skaters performed as special guests in professional or amateur ice shows. The first professional show was Ice Decade which celebrated the arena’s 10th anniversary. The final professional show was Merry Christmas, Snoopy in 2003. Celebrities also guest starred in annual Figure Skating Club shows.

The tennis stars played in the Snoopy Cup Classic, a tennis tournament hosted by Jean and Charles Schulz from 1983 to 1985 for players over 30 who were Grand Slam winners. The first two years were women-only tournaments; the final year included a men’s section.

Peggy Fleming, Olympic gold medalist in figure skating, was among the first to sign in cement in 1976. Fleming’s signature was appropriate because she had performed at the opening of the Redwood Empire Ice Arena in 1969, shortly after winning her Olympic gold medal in ladies singles.


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