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Many Hockey programs are available for youth athletes and Snoopy's is proud to be the Home Ice for the Santa Rosa Flyers and the Santa Rose Junior College Hockey team. If your child is interested in playing Hockey but you have questions, view our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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  • Snoopy’s Home Ice and the Santa Rosa Junior Hockey Club (SRJHC) offer a number of programs to introduce skaters to the game of ice hockey. We recommend a three-step approach to ensure a safe and enjoyable transition to the sport of hockey.

For more Intro to Hockey information, contact Shane Valentine



Founded in 1963, the Santa Rosa Junior Hockey Club is dedicated to developing a true and lasting love for the game of ice hockey in the Northern California Wine Country.


Programs are available for youth of all ages and skill levels. Developing ice hockey skills, good sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline and respect are the goals of our programs. The activities of the SRJHC are intended to foster an environment of fun and healthy competition for players, while creating an environment of shared community for their families.


Step 1 – Public Sessions and Parent and Puppy Practice

These programs are offered year-round and provide an introduction to ice skating. Public Sessions are offered daily, when buckets are available to hold on to for beginners. Parent and Puppy Practice is offered weekends and caters to families. Buckets are also available during Parent and Puppy Practice and a complimentary 15-minute group lesson is included.

Step 2 – Learn to Skate USA Group Lessons

The more experience a skater has on the ice, the easier the transition will be in learning hockey. Snoopy’s Home Ice offers the Hockey Lesson Track within the Group Lesson program. Skaters may progress through Hockey Levels 1-4 to develop stronger skating skills prior to joining Intro to Hockey.

Please click here for the Group Lesson Hockey Track and Curriculum Information

For more Group Lesson information, contact

Step 3 – Santa Rosa Junior Hockey Club Intro To Hockey

The Santa Rosa Junior Hockey Club (SRJHC) organizes the youth hockey activities offered at Snoopy’s Home Ice. Intro to Hockey introduces children new to the sport and focuses on fundamental skills, such as skating with a hockey stick, puck handling, passing, shooting, and team play. The program is typically run year-round, in 8-week and 4-week intervals. Basic equipment packages consisting of a helmet, gloves, and stick can be purchased through the SRJHC.

Intro to Hockey Fees:

  • $150.00 per 8-week interval

  • $75.00 per 4-week interval

For more Intro to Hockey information, contact Chris Woida



ALL registrations for the initial session, and all subsequent sessions, will take place online via our club's website.  You will need to create/login with a SportsEngine account and provide a current USA Hockey registration for the 2021-2022 season.   Payment will require a credit card at the end of the online registration process.  There will no other paperwork to fill out or bring to the rink; you will simply show up for the first session and check-in your player.

Q. My child has never played ice hockey before, where do I start?

A. We recommend the following progression to get your child into the sport:
  1.) Come to Public Skating Sessions (to gain experience on ice skates)
  2.) Enroll in Hockey Group Lessons (to gain confidence and continue development)
  3.) Register in the Basics program with the SRJHC (a first taste of hockey)
  4.) Progress to House and/or Travel hockey within the SRJHC.

Q. At what age can my child start skating and playing ice hockey?

A. Children can start skating as young as 3 or 4 depending on their development. Youth hockey begins for players at age 6.


Q. My daughter is interested, can girls play ice hockey too?

A. Certainly, girls are welcome at all age levels and in all youth hockey programs (Hockey Lessons, Jr. Stick Time, SRJHC Basics, House and Travel).

Q. Is hockey a violent sport where my child could get hurt?

A. Hockey is a physical game but youth hockey is a different game than the NHL. With a different set of rules in place, youth hockey places a stronger emphasis on sportsmanship and friendly competition. Contact is not allowed prior to the Peewee level (age 11 & 12). After Peewees, checking is allowed but NO Fighting.

Q. Do I need to buy any special equipment such as skates and a helmet?

A. Hockey skates are available to rent for use on the public sessions and are also available for use during Group Lessons. Helmets are recommended for any budding hockey player and a selection of helmets and related hockey gear is also available at Snoopy's Gallery & Gift Shop, open daily from 11am to 5pm.

Q. When does the youth hockey season run?

A. The SRJHC typically offers programs from August through April. The season for Travel teams start with tryouts in August. Offerings for Basics and House start in September and run for sets of 8 and 16 weeks respectively. The season for Cardinal Newman Jr Varsity runs from August to April and Varsity runs from February to early June. Visit for details.


Q. What gear is required for Skating Lessons (Hockey Group Lessons)

A. A helmet is required for the Hockey Group Lessons, other gear is optional.


Q. What gear is required for Junior Stick Time?

A. Full Equipment is required: Helmet, elbow pads, shin guards, hockey pants and a stick. Other gear is optional

Q. Do you have hockey equipment for rent?

A. No, the arena only has hockey skates available. However, from time to time we have a random selection of donated gear which is made available to new/aspiring players to help get them into the sport. Contact the hockey coordinator to see what may be available.


Q. I have other hockey related questions, who should I contact?

A. Blake Johnson is the Hockey Coordinator and can be reached at 707-546-7147 or


Learn more about our general sessions, upcoming Learn To Skate programs, professional shows, club events, hockey tournaments, and so much more! 

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