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Do I need to wear a mask on the ice?

At this time masks not required at Snoopy's Home Ice. You are welcome to wear a mask at your own discretion.

Do you offer skate sharpening?

Yes, we offer skate sharpening services for hockey, figure and recreational skates of all sizes. We offer a standard 24-hour sharpening turnaround policy as well as a same-day sharpening for an additional fee. We are not able to sharpen speed skates.


Why can I register for sessions only so far into the future? Why are there no further options?​

Generally we release our schedules for each month at the beginning of that month. Hockey pickup sessions will be released one week in advance. If you have questions about future sessions, please contact the arena. 

Are locker rooms available for skater use?

Locker rooms and showers are available for hockey player use.

Are there adult hockey classes or clinics available?

At this time our only adult hockey offering is the Adult Sticktime sessions, Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Please view our Hockey Pickup page for more information.


Can I register for multiple Stick Times at once? Is there a limit of Stick Times per day/week/month that I can attend?

Yes, you may register for as many Stick Time sessions as you wish at once, even back-to-back sessions. Once you have registered and added a session to your cart you may return to the main registration list and repeat the steps to register for additional sessions before you complete the checkout. Currently there is no limit to how many sessions you can register.

Are Sticktime sessions for adults only?

No, skaters of all ages are welcomed on our sticktime sessions. Skaters 15 years of age or younger must be accompanied by a guardian or coach on-ice.

How many players can attend a Sticktime? How many goalies?

There is a maximum of 30 players and 4 goalies per sticktime session to ensure everyone's safety and ability to use the ice.

Do I need to wear full gear to Sticktime sessions?

Yes, we require full gear, except for shoulder pads, for Sticktime sessions. Required protection items are: helmets, elbow pads, gloves, pants, shin pads and skates. Shoulder pads are optional.

Can I bring my training aids to Stick Time?

Yes, you may bring your own special pucks, shooter tutors, stick handling trainer or similar devices to Sticktime as long as it's safe for the other skaters on the ice. If staff notices a device that may pose a danger we will ask you to remove it from the ice.


Learn more about our general sessions, upcoming Learn To Skate programs, professional shows, club events, hockey tournaments, and so much more! 

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