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Group Lessons

Group Lessons are our most popular skating Lesson format for ages four and up and provide skaters with a strong foundation for figure skating, hockey skating, or lifelong recreational skating.

To ensure Lessons are enjoyable and safe for everyone, we recommend all beginning skaters try skating during Public Skating or Parent and Puppy Practice Sessions prior to the first day of Group Lessons. Please refer to the Snoopy’s Home Ice calendar on the Home Page or viewing a hard copy in the Arena Lobby for these Session times.    

2018-2019 Registration Windows and Lesson Dates

The skating year runs July through June and Group Lessons are typically offered in eight-week Sets (unless otherwise noted).  Registration windows are at least four weeks in length, prior to each Lesson Set.

October Set Registration September 16 - October 13
October Set Lesson Dates October 16 - December 15
No Lessons Thanksgiving Week
Saturday Lessons Five Weeks Only (through November 17)
January Set Registration November 11 - December 15
January Set Lesson Dates January 8 - March 2
No Saturday Lessons February 16

Skating Tracks

Each eight-week Lesson Set, skaters progress through one Level within a Skating Track.  At the end of a Lesson Set, skaters are evaluated to determine whether they pass their current Level or will need improvement and to repeat their current Level. The Tracks follow the curriculum set forth by Learn to Skate USA, endorsed by United States Figure Skating.  For detailed curriculum, please click here:

Snowplow Sam (Levels 1 - 3) Ages 4-5
Basic (Levels 1 - 6) Ages 6-16 or have passed Snowplow 3
Pre-Free Skate - Free Skate 6 Ages 5+; must have passed Basic 6/Adult 6
Dance (Dance 1 - 6) Must have passed Basic 6/Adult 6
Hockey (Levels 1 - 3) Ages 5+; must have passed Snowplow 3/Basic 1
Adult (Levels 1 - 3) Ages 16+

Lesson Days and Times

When you register for Group Lessons, you may register multiple family members, choose more than one Lesson time, or both.  Prior to registering, be sure to check when we offer specific Tracks and if the skater(s) meet(s) the age requirements and prerequistes listed above.  The following table lists specific Tracks, and the Levels within a Track, we offer across the five Group Lesson time offerings:


Time Tracks
Tuesday 3:30 – 4:00 pm Snowplow Sam 1 – 3 Basic 1 – 6 Pre-Free Skate – FS 6 Hockey 1 – 4
Tuesday 5:30 – 6:00 pm Dance 1 – 6
Thursday 3:30 – 4:00 pm Snowplow Sam 1 – 3 Basic 1 – 6 Pre-Free Skate – FS 6 Adult 1 – 6
Thursday 5:30 – 6:00 pm Basic 1 – 6 Pre-Free Skate - FS 6 Adult 1 – 6
Saturday 11:45 am – 12:15 pm Snowplow Sam 1 – 3 Basic 1 – 6 Pre-Free Skate – FS 6 Hockey 1 – 4

Group Lesson Package Description

Group Lessons are $120.00 for the first skater in a family and $110.00 for subsequent family members or a second Lesson time (unless otherwise specified).

The Group Lesson Package includes the following:

  • Eight (unless otherwise specified) half-hour Lessons, once per week
  • Admission to the Public Skating Session adjacent to the Lesson
  • Exclusive Practice Pass
  • Skate rental
  • World-class instruction
  • Annual Membership in Learn to Skate USA, endorsed by United States Figure Skating and USA Hockey (you do not need to pay for this Membership separately)


The January 2019 Set begins during the week of 01/08/19.

REGISTRATION WINDOW: November 11 - December 15

REGISTER: Online or in person through our Box Office

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: December 15 (or when classes fill)

REGISTRATION POLICY: Registrations must be received by the registration deadline specified. Late registrations are not accepted.


Tuesdays or Thursdays or Saturdays

$120.00 for the first skater in a family; $110.00 for the second skater in a family or second Lesson time

For more Group Lesson information, please contact the Learning Programs Manager