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Santa Rosa Figure Skating Club

The Santa Rosa Figure Skating Club was founded in 1938.


With over 300 members, SRFSC is one of about 450 clubs of the United States Figure Skating Association and our mission is to support the development of all aspects of amateur figure skating in the areas of competition, recreation, and individual character development.

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Become a SRFSC Member

If you're unfamiliar with the world of Zamboni's and boot covers, it may seem as though there's a lot of information to absorb. Contact us to get more information to get you started: everything from what to wear at practice to how membership fees are used.


Dive in and have a look! And remember, whenever you have questions or need further information, your SRFSC Board members are ready and willing to help.


Test Sessions

There are five different disciplines in which skaters test. Moves in the field is a basic skating skills progression. Each test level has several set patterns of turns, edges, spirals and steps that get progressively more difficult. Free skating and pairs tests require skaters to perform a program with jumps, spins and step sequences. In order to test a specific level of free skating or pairs test, skaters must first pass the corresponding moves in the field test.

There are specific levels designated for adults age 21 and older, but adults may also choose to test and compete at standard levels. Learn more about adult testing here.

On average, it takes skaters six years to pass their senior moves in the field test and eight years to pass the senior freestyle test. While this timeline varies with each skater, every test passed is another accomplishment and something to be celebrated.

Competitions & Shows

Showcase is an exciting theatrical opportunity for skaters who love entertaining crowds. The skaters and audience alike enjoy a thrilling performance that fuses figure skating with artistic creativity.

With the use of props, elaborate costumes and theatrical performance, showcase fuses figure skating with artistic creativity. Showcase events are open at many non-qualifying competitions for single skaters, duets, small ensembles and production numbers. 


Learn more about upcoming shows, club events, special classes & workshops, competitions and tests!


Learn more about our general sessions, upcoming Learn To Skate programs, professional shows, club events, hockey tournaments, and so much more! 

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