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Toddlers On Ice

Come skate at Snoopy's Home Ice on a general public session at our beautiful rink in Sonoma County!


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The Toddlers on Ice (TOI) Program introduces our youngest skaters to the ice and can prepare them for our Learn to Skate USA Group Lesson Program or lifelong recreational skating.

Toddlers, ages 18 months through four years, with the reassuring presence of their caregiver adult, are welcomed inside a playful and relaxed environment, a place to explore large motor development, and where an interest in the sport of ice skating is cultivated in a positive atmosphere. Each week is themed (i.e. “bugs”; “seasons”; “holidays”; “colors”) and follows a one-hour format.



  • Toddler and one Adult - $25.00 

Includes: Admission, skate rental, and access to the Public Skating Session adjacent to TOI.

  • Second Child - $10.00

Includes: Admission, skate rental, and access to the Public Skating Session adjacent to TOI.

  • Second Adult - $5.00

Includes: Admission, skate rental, and access to the Public Skating Session adjacent to TOI.

The first time the Adult and Toddler drop in for TOI, Snoopy’s Home Ice will ask the Adult to fill out a Release from Liability and Assumption of Risk form. Each time the Adult and Toddler return as Drop-Ins, the Adult will not need to fill this form out again.

Simply check in at our Box Office window and make your payment upon arrival.


It is best to plan ahead, especially when learning a new sport. We recommend over- planning for best results!

  • Toddlers and adults should be dressed warmly and wear shoes with traction.

  • Warm clothing includes sweats or leggings, layered underneath water-proof or

  • Water resistant pants; sweatshirts and jackets; water proof or water resistant gloves or mittens; and socks that rise at least to mid-calf (no ankle socks).

  • Adults will remain with their Toddler at all times. We provide Grip-Ons for Adults to wear over their shoes so that walking out on the ice is permitted and safe. We recommend Adults walk, not skate, during the one-hour Program. This is not a Parent and Me Program. If, however, the Adult is comfortable wearing ice skates and has prior skating experience, he/she may do so.

  • Adults will be asked NOT to pick their Toddler up while on the ice. We provide buckets and other tools Toddlers may use for security and balance.

  • Toddlers are encouraged to wear a helmet at all times. 

  • Snoopy’s Home Ice does not provide helmets.

  • Choose your child’s skate size wisely. Typically, the Toddler’s shoe size is a good indicator, though skates should fit snuggly. The smallest size we provide is a child’s 7. If this skate size is too large, we recommend layering two pairs of socks, as long as the pairs of socks are both to mid-calf and there are little to no seams. Skate laces will need to be laced all the way to the top of the boot. Our Staff and Coaches are available to assist with ice skates, as correct fit and comfort are essential to the Program, as well as part of the learning process.

  • Adults may supply Toddlers dry snacks inside the Arena but please do not serve your Toddler outside food in the Warm Puppy Café. Food is also not allowed on the ice.

  • Adults may bring a stroller – we have lots of room!

  • Please plan to change diapers or training pants in the restroom behind the tree inside the Arena.


  • The Instructor-to-Toddler ratio is most successful while at 1:6. Although, this will fluctuate, depending on the number of Program attendees, and as Toddlers become more comfortable on the ice.

  • TOI is not a competitive or progressive learning environment and Coaches will not test Toddlers through skating levels.

  • Secondary and tertiary parents, grandparents, and other guardians may spectate from off-ice. However, these folks may not participate on the on-ice carpet or in on-ice activities unless an additional $5 payment is made through our Box Office.

  • TOI will occasionally share the ice with school groups and field trips. However, a portion of the ice will be carpeted for TOI, so Toddlers and Adults may participate in the on-ice activities from a safe platform.


Learn more about our general sessions, upcoming learn to skate programs, professional shows, club events, hockey tournaments, and so much more! 

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