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Character Appearances

Make your event extra special with a guest appearance from the word's most famous beagle, Snoopy and some of his friends from the Peanuts Gang!


Feature some of the Characters from the Peanuts Gang at your event!

Work with our team to schedule an appearance.


Contact the Snoopy's Home Ice Character Appearance Program coordinator with details about your event.

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There is only one Snoopy and he cannot be in two places at once.


As the world's most famous beagle, Snoopy is pretty popular. Please contact our team at the Snoopy's Home Ice rink to book your event date as soon as possible. 

Other members of the Peanuts Gang are also available to join the fun. Snoopy often travels with his friends:

• Charlie Brown

• Woodstock 

• Linus & Lucy

Character Appearance Request

Contact Information:

Dates & Times:

Character Appearance Requst


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