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Snoopy’s Select Summer Hockey League

An opportunity for elite hockey players to play the best of the best during the off season. Learn more about our other hockey programs at Snoopy's Home Ice. 



To provide elite local and bay area hockey players and opportunity to play hockey against the best of the best in their age group during the off season. To get elite non-local bay area hockey players in to Snoopy’s Home Ice when they typically would not participate in any of our traditional hockey programming. This will also open the eyes of these players and their parents that high level hockey can be played at Snoopy’s Home Ice, and ideally attract more youth hockey skill to our arena and youth hockey club. This will also allow players of this caliber to keep and/or gain skills to adequately prepare them for their upcoming season.

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All games will be non-checking. There will be two games each week, with each game fitting into a 75-minute ice slot. Games will be played with 3, 20-minute run time periods, ensuring that games stay on time and within their allotted timeslots. Teams will play a round robin format, switching opponents each week with the final week resulting in a championship and consolation game, based upon the results all previous games.


When players register for the program, they will also submit a brief resume of where they have played in the past and what level of success they have had. Using Jesse Kofalk’s excellent knowledge of the level of hockey, he will be able to create teams with equal skill levels and realize when a players skill level is not high enough to participate.


The first session will run 7 weeks and cost $225 per player. The second session will run 8 weeks and cost $250 per player. The goal is to have 4 teams of 15 skaters and 1 goalie (64 participants)

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Session 1 April 15th thru May 26, 2023

Week 1: Saturday 4/15, 3:45-6:30pm
Week 2: Sunday 4/23, 6:15-9:00pm
Week 3: Saturday 4/29, 3:45-6:30pm
Week 4: Friday 5/5, 6:30-9:15pm
Week 5: Saturday 5/13, 3:45-6:30pm
Week 6: Friday 5/19, 6:30-9:15pm
Week 7: Friday 5/26, 6:30pm-9:15pm


Session 2  June 4th thru July 28th

Week 1: Sunday 6/4, 4:00-6:45pm
Week 2: Sunday, 6/11, 4:00-6:45pm
Week 3: Sunday 6/18, 4:00-6:45pm
Week 4: Saturday, 6/24, 4:00-6:45pm
Week 5: Sunday 7/2, 4:00-6:45pm
Week 6: Sunday 7/16, 5:00-7:45pm
Week 7: Sunday, 7/23, 4:00-6:45pm
Week 8: Friday, 7/28, 6:30-9:15pm



Jesse Kofalk

Jesse Kofalk: USA Hockey Certified Coach - Level 5 Coach Jesse brings over 30 years of hockey experience to the Flyers. He played Tier 1 hockey in upstate New York and played his Junior career in the MJHL. He holds over a decade of coaching experience at the Youth, Tier, and High School levels.  He is currently the Western Scout for the Chicago Cougars of the Premier Division of the United States Premier Hockey League (USPHL).  Jesse is passionate about growing the game in California and serves all of Northern California as a skills and development coach. He excels at providing High School and Tier players with skills, development, drive and opportunity to play at the next level and increasing their chances to play collegiately.

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Cory Sammons

Coach Cory has been instructing skating in NY, NY for the past 20+ years and has recently relocated to the area. He has extensive knowledge and experience coaching all levels of skating and hockey from Learn to Skate/Play through work with professional hockey players. Most recently, he has been a lead instructor with Kurt Nichols Power Skating in the NY/NJ/CT area working with teams and players from the Tri-State area as well as the Dallas Stars Elite Youth Hockey Club. Cory focuses on strengthening the fundamental skills that will lead to the greatest immediate improvement in a player's game then moves on to the fine adjustments that set elite players apart from the pack. Coach Cory is excited to bring his skills to Snoopy's Home Ice! Contact:


Learn more about our general sessions, upcoming Learn To Skate programs, professional shows, club events, hockey tournaments, and so much more! 

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